Nidhi Yasha Studio | Injore

NIDHI YASHA, is a womenswear label, that spells understated opulence. They portray structured, sharp silhouettes, that define elegance and refinement. Luxurious fabrics, painstakingly handcrafted, yet subtle surfaces for a niche clientele that celebrates craftsmanship.

We created an ambigram using the letters NY to create a never ending recall value to the brand. NY studio is all about their sharp strong cuts juxtaposed with intricate embroidery patterns. Creating an identity that would stand out against yet compliment such sharp designs was a challenge in itself. We took the minimalist road and used sharp edgy lines in black and white which then not only created the identity but also the entire brand language for The N.Y. Studio.

14.Nidhi Yasha






MAITHILI for “LIGHT”, Injore is a brand which works on 100% philanthrophy..

A maiden social initiative by Nidhi Yasha, Social Entrepreneurship for Creating a network of Rural based Products. The aim is to create an  array of products which need support on design, product development, marketing and outreach on continuous basis. While we design and market them at TNYS, The products directly come from weaver, craftsmen or artisans ; they belong to an SHG group or any rural poor family who is struggling to keep the art alive…There are no middlemen, no profits for personal gain and all that is earned is redirected to the craftsmen towards the education of their girl child.